Our family are golfing nuts. We love the crazy game. We all love the fact that while we are playing we think of nothing else. Nothing about work or bills or things that bother us at other times in our daily routines.

Take a close look at this photo. Obviously the barn is an inferno. The fire department has not arrived so to someone this is a catastrophe, but, look at the golfers. They are totally engrossed in their game. Barn, what barn? Fire, what fire? That is the game we love.   


Till Death Do We Part. Do we really mean it when we get married? What holds a marriage together? I wrote this book as a man to man conversation. Read it here


Irma and I were married April 7th 1958. We have 4 daughters who make us so very proud. Here we tell how we got started and other things about our loving family. Read on...


The Cormier Family. Where they came from and who they were. From France to St. Norbert and Bouctouche New Brunswick. Here is how they evolved


Margaret and Joe T. grew up in Sydney. Here is the story of where, when and how they lived in those early years. How it all began...

Here is the information regarding the MacMillan Family and the 1911 Census.


Margaret and her piano. Like peas in a pod, they fit perfectly together for the benefit of everyone who were fortunate enough to hear her playing at her best. More...


Joe T. MacMillan was a wonderful dad, husband, businessman, fisherman, friend, and all round good man with a laugh everyone loved...


Who will ever forget our wonderful sister Isabel, her husband, Russell and their Family. Bruce, Pamela, Gordon and Daryl.


Raymond and Beverly. When you see one you will see both. Simply a wonderful couple.

Our fun loving sister Teresa (AKA Teecie, Terry). A true and loyal friend to everyone who comes in contact with her. MORE

Someone with plenty of time on their hands once figured out that the average human brain handles 45,000 different thoughts each day.

Each day Irma and I experience flashbacks from our past as well. 

Joemac's website is not only about geneology of the MacMillan family it is a compilation of many events in the life of Joe and Irma MacMillan. It is not intended to be a biography. It is instead, a gathering of many real happenings that, after telling someone about it, we hear “you should really write that down”

These events or stories are in no chronological order and are as true as we can recall. Some are written by one of our four daughters as noted.

The events have occurred over our 53 years of marriage and also the years prior to our meeting so many years ago.

Why do we do this?

We wish our parents had done so during their lives, and that is what prompted this website. 


 Where did the MacMillans come from? Is it MacMillan or MacMullin. The MacMillan Family Story


What is the connection between Beaver Cove and the MacMillan Family? Well it all started back on the Island of Barra in Scotland...


When, How, and Why we decided to move to the Yukon Territory. It all began with a trip to Whitehorse for a wedding..Read on..


Our move to the Yukon began when we bought a worn out van for $500.00 with the windshield smashed and the steering kaput. Here is what happened...


A winter ski trip in the Cape Breton Highlands. The lynx looked at me as if I was crazy. She belonged here. I didn't...


World War 11 brought hardships for all. At home in New Waterford we had it easy in comparison to the rest of the world. This is what it was like for us at home on George Street.


Irma and I build our House in New Waterford in 1960. Can you believe we built a 3 BR home for $6200. MORE


The Farm at Beaver Cove was an amazing place to spend our summer vacations. No electricity, computers, TV, yet it had everything kids could love…

 If you ever had a wish to have a brother who was the best father, brother, friend, husband ever. Look no further. Mike is the one you would choose.

Joe's early years when he was in school and learning the ropes before joining the navy.