Sydney around 1910 where the MacMillan family lived. 

Agnes MacMillan mother of Joe T. MacMillan

Some interesting things are included in the 1911 Nova Scotia census so I will include them here.

Roderick and Agnes Macmillan (the name was spelled McMillin) was/were the head of the family of 7 children. Sadie, Pauline, John, May, Michael, Thomas (Joseph), and Teresa.

Rod was a carpenter and worked a 60 hour week in a factory where he earned $1,000.00 per year. There were no vacations to be had. He earned 31.2 cents par hour.

Sadie was a stenographer and worked in an office 48 hours per week and was paid $450.00 per year. She worked 52 weeks per year. That’s .18 cents per hour.

Pauline worked as a tailor in a tailor shop 48 hours per week 52 weeks per year and earned $200.00 for her efforts. That is .08 cents per hour. Vacations were non existent at that time.

The rest of the children were not working at that time (1911).

Rod was born in 1859 and Agnes was born in 1869 with 10 years between the two. Both spoke English and Gaelic fluently but the children didn’t speak Gaelic.

Rod paid $24.00 per year for a life insurance policy. The census form has a column for Accident or Sickness and that column has a figure 50 or 51. It is possible that his accident at work where his leg was severely broken was covered by that policy. It is not clear on the form.

In 1911, the time of the census, the family were living on Hugh Street in Sydney

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