Jacques and Luce Richard Of Saint Norbert, New Brunswick

Jacques and Luce early in their lives. 

Michel and Madeline Cormier of St. Marie, New Brunswick

Alban and Suzanne Cormier 1924

Front left to right. Jacques, Father Edward and Luce. Back row, Sr. Marie, Brother Theodule and Sr. Lucille. The Richard family of St. Norbert.

Wedding of Suzanne and Fred Lirette attended by Louise and Eddie Cormier. 1968

Suzanne with Gerry and Alice. Gerry was a great guy. He spent most of his life working for a large paper company in Northern Ontario. He was married twice. First to Rachel  and after she passed away he married Pauline. Gerry passed away at 80 years of age in 2008.

 Back row 2nd from left Anna, next to her is Irma. Lucia is in the third row 3 rd from the left. Eddie is in the center in the 2nd row. About 1948

Joe and Irma's wedding April 8, 1958. Left to right, Joe T. and Margaret Mac Millan, Joe, Irma, Suzanne Cormier and Romeo Brun.  

Linda, Colette, Nancy and Sandra MacMillan at Beaver Cove 1969

Lucia, Suzanne, Alice, Andrea, Irma and Nancy.  

 Suzanne with Guy Cormier (Noella) circa 1966

Harold and Anna Babin, Chris and Lisa Babin and Sheila and Tim David

Irma came from a large New Brunswick family (12 children) who can trace their family history back to France.

For this essay we will confine ourselves to the last 200 years or so.

Irma’s grandparents on her fathers side was Michel and Madeline Cormier. They lived on the same farm as Eddie and Louise do now (2011).

The Richard side of the family were from St. Norbert, New Brunswick. Irma’s grandparents were Jacques and Luce Richard.

Suzanne Richard married Alban Cormier in  1924 and settled in the home with Michel and Madeline where they lived for years and raised their 12 children.

Alice married Adelard Richard and settled in Cap Pele, NB. They had 4 children. Maurice, Gerard, Daniel, Andre.

Gerry married Rachel and lived in Geraldton Ontario. They had 5 girls. Carol, Susan, Nancy, Lynn, Diane.

Lillian married Romeo Brun and lived in Halifax while Romeo was in the Royal Canadian Navy and then settled in Cap Pele, NB and in 2000 they settled in Moncton. They had 6 children. Suzanne, Phillip, Louis, Angela, Eric, Jeanette.   

Leo married Yvonne and settled in McKees Mills NB. They had one child Charlene.  

Irma married Joe MacMillan. They had 4 children, Linda, Sandra, Colette and Nancy.

Anna married Harold Babin of West Arichat and settled there. They had 3 children. Sheila, Bruce and Christopher.

Eddie married Louise and they had 2 children. David and Diane.

Lucia married Albeo LeBlanc and they lived for a few years in Waltham Mass. And then settled in Ste. Anne NB where they had 2 children, Roger and Carol.

Noella married Gerald Cormier and lived In Waltham, Mass and had 3 children. Lisa, Guy and Pierre. They then settled in St. Paul NB.

Paul married Yolande Cormier. They settled in St. Louie De Kent, NB and they had 3 boys. Louis, Jacques and Daniel.

Andrea married Jim Caissie and settled in Waltham Mass. Where they had 3 children, James, Cindy and Janice.

Rose Mae married Eugene Cormier and lived in Alberta and Mississauga Ontario and finally Moncton, NB. They have 2 children, Marcia and Michel.

Alban and Suzanne raised their family during the years when life had to be wrested from the good earth. These were the years before modern conveniences. They had about 100 acres of land in Saint Marie on the Bouctouche River in Kent County, New Brunswick. The land was not the greatest but with hard work it produced good hay. There was a large woodlot in the back area which provided the family with firewood and allowed Alban to cut and sell some wood for cash.

They had a large barn adjacent to the road for the hay and animals. They also had a chicken coop for the hens.

In the cold months of winter Alban would join some of his neighbors at the river where they would spear eels through holes in the ice. It was during one of these outings that Alban sat back on his little sleigh and died from a probable stroke leaving Suzanne with 3 children still at home. His death was a terrible shock to everyone.

Suzanne was a tough lady and an extremely hard worker. She went to work whenever possible in the lobster cannery at Cocagne, traveling there in the back of a truck each day.

Five years after the death of Alban Suzanne met and married Fred Lirette who was a widower from Scotch Settlement. Fred was a wonderful man and a good provider with a nice comfortable home. The house in St. Marie was sold to Eddie and Louise.

Fred had a car that was amazing. It hardly used any gas and could be driven from Moncton to Edmonston on nothing but fumes. We loved to tease him about it. He loved moose hunting and amazed us with his skill with the gun, shooting dandelion heads off the stems at 80 yards at the age of 86.

The two lovebirds traveled everywhere in the car around the maritime provinces. They even traveled by train to northern Ontario to visit Gerry who lived in Geraldton.

They loved to see the family come for a visit. The house had plenty of room. Suzanne kept the house spotless and Fred kept everything in running order.

Suzanne could easily spoil any person who came for a visit. Stay overnight and in the morning Suzanne will have a nice hearty breakfast waiting to be served. A wonderful cook and baker, her pies and cookies were a delight everyone enjoyed.

As the years passed by they sold the house to Fred’s son and took up residence in a care home in St. Antoine. They had good care while there.

During our last visit before Fred died we visited them at that home. He was 93 years of age. It was after a snowfall which left some 2 feet of snow in the driveway. As we arrived we saw Fred shoveling snow with a nice easy motion form the driveway as if he was a man of 30 years.

Unfortunately he died a few months later from a brain aneurysm and was buried at Notre Dame de Kent. 

Suzanne moved to a wonderful full care home in Bouctouche where she spent her last days on this earth. She died at the age of 98 years.

During her years both at St. Antoine and Bouctouche she was lovingly tended to by her daughter Lucia whose kind care and attention helped Suzanne ease her way to her ultimate goal.

Suzanne was the backbone of the family. Although the old home in St. Marie was solid, it was not insulated, was without running water, no toilet, and until the Rural Electrification Act brought electricity to the area, lighting was by lantern only.

First up in the morning, she made breakfast for everyone, baked bread and cooked all day, saw the children off to school and after everyone was safely to bed, she knitted and sewed clothing until midnight.

To do the washing she had to bring in the water from the outside pump, fill up the wash tub and the warming boiler on the stove. She would feed the fire with wood from the woodpile. Then she would do the wash by hand with a scrub board. Finally in all kinds of weather, warm or ice cold, she would hang the wash outside to dry.      

Phillip, Romeo and Lillian, Angela, Louis. Back row left Jeannette Eric and Susanne. 50th Anniversary

Alice and Adelard Richard . Adelard passed away in 2005. He and Alice were great workers. For many years they owned a club in Cap Pele, NB.

Eddie, Anna, Lillian, Lucia, Noella, Alice, Rose May with Paul. Paul was in the later stages of Muscular Dystrophy at this time and passed away Sept. 2004.


Joe, Irma, Linda, Suzanne, Nancy during a happy visit. 

Irma, Noella and Lucia at Noella's trailer in Shediac, NB. Summer of 2013

Irma and Lucia at her home in 2013.